Wednesday, April 13, 2005

We Came. We Saw. We Wiggled.

Man did we wiggle. Well, me, not so much. I worked the camera and let Tricia and Atticus shake what they've got. The show was lots of fun. The Wiggles put on a nice show, even threw in some Zepplin, Stones and Ozzy for the parents- along with a shot at Barney (who deserves it of course). The guys seem to do a lot of stuff themselves, like taking turns working the sound board located on stage and setting up their own sets and props. They had some giant balloons that kept falling over and Anthony was knocked over a few times by one of them. He took it all with a laugh though and the show kept wiggling, er, moving on. While The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword were wearing microphones, the rest of the cast was just lipping the words, which they had fun with when one character was either off or didn't know the lines. Again, they just laughed it off and kept going- kids didn't notice and the parents thought it was funny. As for the work ethic they seem to have, I don't know if it's due to budget concerns, they should be making enough now to hire a sound guy, or if it's due to their routine, just being used to doing things that way pre-Disney money and stayed with it, or perhaps because they are Australian and generally not as caught up in being a 'star' and needing someone to wait on them. Although, I have seen fellow Ausies AC/DC in concert and I didn't see Angus Young do anything but skip and play the guitar.
Regardless, the show was lots of fun despite the fact they didn't play Fruit Salad, which is one of their biggest hits (kind of like when we saw Van Morrison and he didn't play Brown Eyed Girl). What can you do? Just keep wiggling baby.

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