Sunday, April 03, 2005

Auntie Tiff Tiff Turns Thirty

Yes, my little sister is 30. What does that make me? Old. Here's a little poem that is a true story of a 4th of July that Tiffany and I shared some 20+ years ago:

My sister got a blister
on the bottom of her foot,
it's there 'cuza my fault
I pushed her in the soot.
I thought it might be funny,
'til she started cryin',
she screamed about them hot coals,
I swore that she was lyin'.
And so with my bare foot
I stepped into that soot,
and sure enough, them coals were hot,
and on my foot I also got
a big raw burnin' blister . . . .
a lot like the one I got for my sister

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