Monday, April 25, 2005

The Attionary

Atticus is starting to talk more and more. For those of you that are trying to communicate with him, here is an Atticus dictionary:

-Hewwo: greeting, hello (also used 'hi' and a wave).
-Doggins: dog and or dogs, the 's' is not significant.
-Gin: this is a hard 'G' sound, not gin the drink, but rather an abbreviation of again
-Tee: this is the number three, as in 1, 2, 3, or as he counts tee, tee , tee (the fun, as you now happens on 3).
-Bawny: Barney.
-Twain: 1. as in Mark, Atticus is heavily influenced by the writings of America's greatest satirist 2. train, specifically the engine.
-Da: slang for 'ta-da', often used after successfully peeing in toilet (standing)
-Ergo: not therefore, but rather 'where go' as in where did it go?
-Ish: fish of any kind including Nemo, a Nemo pillow, Goldfish the snack, and actual fish in the pond
-Meyow: response to hearing the words cat, kitty, kitten, or Norman (our cat's name); also used upon sight of any type of cat
-Meyowy Meyow: Mickey Mouse. I don't know why he calls a mouse by a cat noise. Norman must have taught him this one.
-Tank: thank you, used with the sign language motion of palm from chin- often replaced by a blowing kiss
-Hungy: Hungry, this is for snack purposes only, an actual meal is not an option
-Dink: drink (also used 'uice' for juice)
-Ease: pronounced eeaaassseee for please, the greater the desire the longer the sound
-What dat: what is that? used with pointing finger and look of great concern or wonder
-No: response to any question
-Dad, gimme twenty bucks: I do not understand this phrase.

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