Sunday, July 23, 2006

Monster House & the Potential for Nightmares

We saw the movie. It was very good. It was also very scary. Atticus had to leave for a while mid-movie. Zane just laughed. Atticus will tell you all about it: The house, THE HOUSE, is a MONSTER! It walks on two branches. It's a BAD house.

He's right. It is a bad house. I recommend the film, but I suggest strongly that you prepare your children for some very strong and dark images.

It's a bad house.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Waiting for TT

Atticus fell asleep on me while sitting outside waiting for Tiffany's arrival. I had to put him down (I left him standing) so that I could hobble my way through the house to check on a crying Zane. I returned to find him curled up on the lawn furniture, out cold.

Forgive the poor picture quality, it's the camera phone in the dark.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Boy That Bounced Himself Asleep

Zane bounces. He is Tigger in a diaper. There are few things that bring him joy, or us a moment of freedom, than time spent in the jumper. See for yourself:

bounce the baby

I suppose, like all good things, there can be too much. Zane has found his limit. He is a boy that laughs at sleep and mocks all that encourage him to succumb to it. However, he is no match for the riggers of bouncing and the tiring effect that it places upon his little sparkplug body.

The jumper is a bully. It toys with the excitement and energy of the unsuspecting. The jumper has no mercy. It takes everything a boy has and demands more still. The jumper goes quiet only when the last bounce has bounced. It respects those it has beaten, and will cradle them softly until they bounce again.