Sunday, April 10, 2005

Baby, I'm a Rich Man

If I had a silver dollar
I would jump and holler.
I would scream and shout
And flaunt it all about.
To my sister Grace
I’d say "in your face".
To the bully Dirk
I would be a jerk.
To my classmate Rob
I would be a snob.
Compared to both the Nates
I would be Bill Gates.
The kid that lives next door?
He would be a bore.
I know it isn’t nice
Treating them like lice,
But that’s the curse of the wealthy
Being rich, young and healthy.
There is not much I couldn’t buy.
If I wasn’t such a ruthless guy
I would call up my good friend Jim
And share a root beer float with him.
But then- I wouldn’t have a silver dollar
And I’d be too full to jump and holler.

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