Thursday, May 26, 2005

Terrible Twos off the Starboard Bow

That's boat talk you know. It means that somewhere ahead and to the right lies a second birthday for Captain Atticus. Let the terribleness commence. Sometimes I think he's been reading ahead and has such a lock on the whole 'two' attitude that he is ready to skip a grade. Other times (most of the time) he is just my sweet and funny little boy.
We aren't really worried about his twos. He is such a good kid with a pleasant manner and great sense of humor that whatever craziness his development may cause, we feel assured that his natural goofiness will overpower it. Hopefully.
Which brings me to the actual point of this post (what a novelty!). I've been receiving e-mails and phone calls asking what Atticus is "into" for gift ideas. Easy, he's into everything. Right now he's into my cell phone, my tax files and sticking magnets in the printer. None of these make a good gift.
His likes are anything that brings a smile. Trucks, trains, fish, any animal really and orange juice. Those are the staples. He also likes bugs, Mickey Mouse and long walks on the beach. He enjoys Disney movies, Stitch, Buzz and the Monsters Inc. boys being his favorites. He was going through a very big Barney phase which luckily appears to be wanning and is really enjoying Blue's Clues and Boots (but not Dora) from Dora the Explorer. I have to agree with him on that- Boots carries that annoying little girl.
Bottom line, if you give him a gift- which you don't have to, but if you do, anything is a good thing. As long as it's not sharp, infected or part of the Princess Collection, then it is just fine.

Friday, May 20, 2005

I ♥ Fish

Last week Atticus became a pet owner. We went to Petsmart and looked at all of the various small creatures that were available. He loves all animals, but he really loves fish. Tricia's parents have a fish pond and he spends hours feeding and talking to the fish. When he saw the numerous tanks in the store I knew we had found our pet. We bought a small bowl, a fake plant, some blue gravel and fish flakes. Then we picked out the newest member to our family. He cost twenty-four cents. What price this happiness? It was the cheapest smile I had ever purchased.

Fish, as he came to be called, came home in a plastic bag- doubled to ensure safety in the hands of a cheerful 2 year old. He was introduced to his bowl and set in a place of honor on the dresser from which Atticus could keep a watchful eye. Fish was greeted every morning with "hewwo fish", a wave, and a smile. He was visited throughout the day with more of the same, and was bid goodnight with "nite fish" and softly blown kisses. It was a life of leisure.

Fish died today.

Atticus and I came home this evening and when I went in to check on Fish, he was no more. I quickly and quietly disposed of his lifeless body like so many parents have done before me. I gave him a burial at sea, or septic as it were, thought well of him, washed and hid his now empty bowl.

Atticus has not noticed. He was asleep when we got home after a long day of defying and resisting naps. I made him wake up and eat dinner. We watched the Suns clinch their series. We played catch. He took me outside to show me the moon and we walked around the yard practicing the names of various nouns scattered throughout our property. We lay in the grass with the dogs, Harley and Valentine, and gave them hugs; Atticus taking it a step farther by lavishing them with 'sugars', hair tugs and giggles. He fell asleep on the couch while watching some mindless tv show and I carried him to bed.

The absence of Fish was avoided. In the morning I will deal with it. I can hear it already, "hewwo go?", accompanied by targetless pointing and shrugging shoulders. I have not intention of explaining death just yet. Not that he would understand. I don't even think I'm ready to give the "not coming back" bit either. What I will do is say Fish went to work, or to visit someone, maybe shopping for a new plant- whatever, and then I will go to Petsmart and buy another fish.

Another Fish.

I won't take my receipt and demand a replacement, despite the existence of a 2 week guarantee. I parted with twenty-four cents before and it will be worth it again. Besides, something about cashing in on the warranty seems to diminish the memory of Fish, short as it may be. He may not have done much with his down time, but when a small boy's eyes were on him he created happiness- and that is a life well lived.

Goodbye Fish.

Fish (?-5/20/2005)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

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Random News

well, news is probably too strong of a word, more like info I guess...
*you may have noticed that there is no longer a poll on this page- it wasn't being used much and it cost me money, which is about as bottom line as it gets (the cards are next)
*you may have noticed some new visitors here- thanks to The Disney Blog & John Frost at
for the nod and welcome to those of you that have followed that path here
*some photos and articles from this site, as well as
may soon be featured on some pretty big sites- stay tuned
*lots has been happening in the lives of people important to Atticus (and me), Grandpa Honea (
has some new responsibilities and Grandpa BC has finally finished up his manhandling of cancer, Aunt Tiff Tiff has taken a different second job to support her career as a teacher (does that seem right?) and will no longer be slinging coffee at Starbucks (I'm sad about this), but rather slinging beer (yet I'm happy about this)
*last but not least, Atticus has an impending birthday, being ahead of the curve as he is we are already enjoying the pleasantries of his looming terrible two

okay, that's all the info that is fit to print, again welcome and thank you
(if you want to be featured in the important people news- do something cool)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Hello JoJo, goodbye Rollie Pollie Ollie. JoJo's Circus joined Playhouse Disney, which is cool, but at what cost? Posted by Hello

Instead of charging you ten bucks to buy your ride photo like all the others, Buzz Lightyear lets you email it to yourself. Apparently there aren't as many tightwads in space. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mom & Nana's Day

Atticus was sans Mom for Mother's Day, due to her having to work a double and cater to the types of people that eat out once a year- that being the people that complain about everything and don't tip. This better not be you. At least he got her some gifts (books, a movie and framed photo). He signed the card himself (with help) and picked two flowers out of the garden- really by himself, and helped Dad wrap the gift. He was in bed by the time Mom got home, but she loved it all the same.
He was also without Nana on Sunday, despite our trying to talk her into visiting. She was due for some minor surgery (standard- all is well) on Tuesday and couldn't make the trip. Atticus, being only 23 months, forgot to send her a card. What an ingrate. Hopefully she can take solace in the fact that she and Atticus share something few others can claim- immortality at Disneyland (as mentioned previously). That's better than some stinking card isn't it Nana?
That being said, Happy Mother's Day to you both, and more importantly Happy Everyday to you also.

Happiest Faces @ The Happiest Place on Earth(click)

Oh man. That was cool. Atticus had a blast. Every morning he would wake with the sun, despite the near darkness provided by the thick curtains, climb in his stroller (which he doesn't care for) and sit in front of the door saying, "Go". So we went. The parks were awesome. Disneyland was crowded, especially on the 5th, so we didn't do a lot, other than walk around and look at stuff. A main quest for us was to comb both parks for The Happiest Faces on Earth exhibits. These are giant collages throughout both parks that represent various Disney characters, rides, or even Walt himself. The pictures are made up of thousands of smaller photos submitted by guests that reflect their own trips to Disneyland over the first 50 years. We submitted a few photos, mostly of Atticus, and most were used. 17 times actually. A few of the photos were used numerous times. Before we found a list of our photos Tricia happened to find one of Atticus in the Finding Nemo picture while standing next to it. His hair is an eye catcher. The funny thing is that the picture she found wasn't on the list. A cast member told us that there were a lot of photos thrown in as filler after the fact, so that 17 is actually a low estimate. Not only that, there will be more used in future collections. Basically, Atticus (and Nana mostly) are all over both Disney parks. How cool is that? For more on the trip look at I'm too lazy to write things twice, and cut & paste is so passe.