Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Da Train! Da Train!

Atticus has nearly completed his transformation into a whiter, taller and more casually dressed Tatu. Of course, being on the continent rather than an island, his catch phrase concerns locomotives versus airplanes, and instead of working for the boss, he is playing with the dad, hence this every 30 seconds in our house: Daddy, the train! The train! Come on (tugs on me)! Daddy, the train- we go!
Equally annoying and adorable- oh the duplicity of parenthood. So what is it with trains anyway? Not just Thomas mind you, but any train, be they on TV, out the window, or spread across his bedroom floor. I am starting to be at ease with the once fearful thought that my son aspires to be a hobo. I suppose this is just a phase and I should embrace it while I can. That said, I need to go- I have a train to catch.

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princesnana said...

I beleive his love of trains must have been handed down from his great-great grandfather on his Dad's side. This great-great grandfather was once a conductor on the Pennsylvania railroad.