Wednesday, June 29, 2005

New Pics

As you can see, Atticus went in to Kiddie Kandids at the local mall and posed for some pictures. I think that they came out pretty nice.
We haven't gone in for professional shots since he was 4 months old. Kids sure change in twenty months!

I know that I promised some images and video from Atticus' birthday bash, but I have not heard back from all parties as to whether or not it is okay to post their kids on this site. I guess I will email them again for their permission.

In other news...not much. Atticus is talking more, putting words together like, "please Daddy" and "more juice please." Stuff like that. Very cute. He is also talking more on the telephone now that he has put faces to the names we are always trying to pound into him. A favorite of his callers is when they ask for a hug and he holds the phone to his cheek and says, "ahhh."

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Zissy said...

Wow that is a very handsome young man there. Mom and Dad better watch out cause those Beach Babes are gonna be picking this one up. :)

Hugs, Zissy