Sunday, July 03, 2005

Love & Mercy @ LIVE8

I haven't seen the feed yet of Brian Wilson playing in Berlin as part of the LIVE 8 concerts yesterday, but I hope that he played his song Love & Mercy. I assume my reasoning is obvious. Despite the evils of this world, of which there are a terrible many, there is still much good. My son, who is healthy and happy, he is the best kind of good- innocent, pure and inspiring. He inspires me to take heed of the world's injustice and fight for ways to bring it peace. Love & mercy.
Don't forget that while we sit in our air conditioned homes or sip umbrella garnished drinks poolside on warm summer days that someone is dying. A child is dying. Everyday 30,000 children die from the plague of poverty. That is one every three seconds!
We fight lots of evils, but this one is actually beatable. Children should not die from wanting. Lend your support to encourage the G8 to be what it claims- great.

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Anonymous said...

The children are the future. Those numbers are heart-wrenching. I hope the G8 acts!