Sunday, October 08, 2006

Babysitter in a Box

Thank you television.

You have graced our home with periods of quiet and moments of freedom that no other avenue has alloted us. You have taught our boys things that would require time and effort from us. You encourage them to think for themselves, read books and respect others. They know how to turn you on and off, change your channels, pause your tivo (thank you to tivo also), and hook videogames into you. They love you.

I miss you television.

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nene said...

I told Dirk about this post the other night--how I didn't get it at first. Initially I thought you went full-on and "killed your television"! And I thought, wow, that's a tough decision to make, not sure we could do it, etc. etc. Of course in the BC (before Champ) that was my intention--no tv, or at least not until he was two (Academy of Pediatrics garble I read in advance, yada yada). It lasted until about two days after his birth when I needed tv just to stay alert in the wee hours.

Then while trying to watch "our" show one night recently, the quietest request came "Elmo?" And I explained, "No, not now". And again "Elmo?" How do you explain that Mommy wants her violence-fix to unwind when they can finally speak? If they're speaking like this, they're watching what you are and thus...we watch LOTS of Elmo now!!

Now I get it and I join in your lament. We're now watching "our shows" after 9pm and letting the dvr rack them up in the buffer for a special day because 9pm's too late for us too!!