Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Atticus the Philosopher

I'm beginning to think that Atticus knows something I don't. He has been dropping bits of knowledge around here faster than the Raiders can drop passes.

Here are but a few of the gems I've heard this week:

-Daddy, you're a genius! (said as he walked behind me, apparently amazed at how I stacked more grocery bags than advisable into my arms so as not to necessitate a second trip to the car)

-I wish I was a Cowboy (said out of the blue while riding in the car, I asked him why, and he replied)so I can say yippie-ky-yay, like the song.

-I want a corn on the cob with two sticks, so I can eat it like this (shows how he would eat corn), and a corn dog with just one stick, because I only need to hold it with one hand. And no sticks in my lemonade. (his order to waiter at dinner tonight)

-I need someone's help (talking to me and Anthony as he came out of the computer room). My game is messing up. (what's it doing we asked, to which he replied) It's freaking me out.

-If you need help just let me know. That's my job.(to Tricia when she needed light to see the laptop screen)

-My dream is to eat pizza...and play games...and ride Disneyland. And don't forget about winning tickets. (when asked what he might dream about)

-I want my own milk, yours has germs in it already. (to Tricia when she tried to convince him to dip his oreo in her glass)

-Babies sing their own song, don't you know that Daddy? (when I asked him if Zane's "singing" was the same song that he was making up in the car)

-(whenever he pretends to be something or somebody else and you ask him if he is that person or thing he gets very serious)No, it's me. Atticus.


princesnana said...

Out of the mouths of babes. Atticus is truly an insightful, caring, amusing little boy.

nene said...

Ditto that! But it's even better that you guys appreciate it and are documenting it to share with Atticus later.

tt said...

I'd say the genius in the family is little Mr. offense Whit :)