Monday, September 18, 2006

Just Another Morning

Is it wrong that I let Zane sleep standing upright in his bouncer? It's not that I get any sort of satisfaction from it, other than the bliss of 20 minutes of quiet. It's just that the kid won't sleep and I figure a power nap standing up is better than no nap at all. Hell, I'd take it.

We have a routine that starts shortly after 6am (every other day, we rotate our getting up in the night and sleeping-in shifts) where I spend about 40 minutes trying to convince him that he should go back to sleep. Then I give up and let him play on the floor with various toys, dogs, and empty beer bottles from the night before. At some point he eats. At some point he poops.

About the time that I decide I can no longer put off my morning coffee (I wait in hopes he might actually heed my pleas and return to bed) I put him in the bouncer and declare myself awake for the day. He usually goes to sleep shortly after that.

He'll bounce and laugh and I'll be reading blogs and the various sport sites when I'll notice that he has done it again. That is where the dilemma kicks in. He needs to sleep. It is obvious to all but him. Common sense would suggest that I take his little sleeping body and put him back in his crib. Common sense does not know Zane very well. If he is so much as touched while sleeping in his bouncer (or carseat for that matter) he is up and at it. No holds barred. He does not like to be disturbed.

Which brings me back to my original question. Is it wrong to let him sleep there? Probably, but I'm okay with it. And I'm awake.

I felt guilty after writing this and actually managed to successfully pull "the switch" and take him from bouncer to crib sans incident. It happens. Sometimes.


princesnana said...

As the mother of the father of the two cutest little boys ever, I have to say: both boys came by the "not liking to sleep" problem thru their Daddy's genes. When Dad was this age, actually went on for 2 years, he did not sleep, I would sit and rock him and then edge out of the rocker, all the while rocking back and forth on my own and walk down the hall, still rocking back and forth, to place the sleeping (at last) baby in his crib. No sooner would I get out the door than the crying begin and we would start over again. Yes they need sleep and the crib is the best place for it and eventually they realize this...oh did I say that realization didn't come till elementary school.

Whit said...

two notes on Mom's post (hi Mom):

1. Please be clear that I did not still sleep in a crib in elementary school.

2. I still rock.

tt said...

Just to do still sleep in a crib seeing as we all have a crib of some sort to lay our heads.

...and if you're rocking it's because Judge Whopner's on at 4.