Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Atticus & The Great Pumpkin


Atticus was a good boy, as usual, in Target the other day so he got a treat. Two treats actually.

The one that isn't important to this story was a scoop of ice cream at 31 Flavors, although this one was more like 8 Flavors. He chose some brightly colored play-dough looking stuff. I asked him what it tasted like, and he replied, "Colors."

The treat that is the basis of this post was a Mr. Potato Head Pirate kit for pumpkins. We thought that there was a toy pumpkin, ala the potato, in the box. There wasn't. It required a real pumpkin. It was late and we were in for the night, so I promised him that I would get a pumpkin on my way home from work the next day. I did.

I placed the pumpkin in the flower bed, yes I have a flower bed, so what? I then had Atticus find the newly grown pumpkin. He did, and we "picked" it and took it inside and the rest as they say is history.

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