Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Random News

well, news is probably too strong of a word, more like info I guess...
*you may have noticed that there is no longer a poll on this page- it wasn't being used much and it cost me money, which is about as bottom line as it gets (the cards are next)
*you may have noticed some new visitors here- thanks to The Disney Blog & John Frost at
for the nod and welcome to those of you that have followed that path here
*some photos and articles from this site, as well as
may soon be featured on some pretty big sites- stay tuned
*lots has been happening in the lives of people important to Atticus (and me), Grandpa Honea (
has some new responsibilities and Grandpa BC has finally finished up his manhandling of cancer, Aunt Tiff Tiff has taken a different second job to support her career as a teacher (does that seem right?) and will no longer be slinging coffee at Starbucks (I'm sad about this), but rather slinging beer (yet I'm happy about this)
*last but not least, Atticus has an impending birthday, being ahead of the curve as he is we are already enjoying the pleasantries of his looming terrible two

okay, that's all the info that is fit to print, again welcome and thank you
(if you want to be featured in the important people news- do something cool)

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