Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mom & Nana's Day

Atticus was sans Mom for Mother's Day, due to her having to work a double and cater to the types of people that eat out once a year- that being the people that complain about everything and don't tip. This better not be you. At least he got her some gifts (books, a movie and framed photo). He signed the card himself (with help) and picked two flowers out of the garden- really by himself, and helped Dad wrap the gift. He was in bed by the time Mom got home, but she loved it all the same.
He was also without Nana on Sunday, despite our trying to talk her into visiting. She was due for some minor surgery (standard- all is well) on Tuesday and couldn't make the trip. Atticus, being only 23 months, forgot to send her a card. What an ingrate. Hopefully she can take solace in the fact that she and Atticus share something few others can claim- immortality at Disneyland (as mentioned previously). That's better than some stinking card isn't it Nana?
That being said, Happy Mother's Day to you both, and more importantly Happy Everyday to you also.

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