Tuesday, February 15, 2005


On my belly
just left of the mole,
where other kids have buttons
I only have a hole.
I tried hiding it with scotch tape,
it tore off all my skin.
I stuffed it full of cotton,
but the swabs would not stay in.
I planted a flower in it
to see if it would grow,
I filled it up with catnip,
and Fluffy's front right toe.
I asked my mom to sew on
a button from my jacket,
I tried to stitch it shut
with some string from my racket.
I plugged it with a cork
my stomach got real numb,
So I poked it with a fork
I poked it with my thumb.
Of all the things I tried,
none could be hipper,
Than my solid-steel, gold plated
new belly zipper.


buttonless.org said...

I am glad that you have found ammusment in those of us that are forced to endure life without the services of a bellybutton. I hope that while you pass this on to your child, he is able to look past the belly-challenged and treat us with our due respect.

Anonymous said...

go back to your test tube

Whit said...

Hello, I'm sorry if my poem offended you. I didn't realize that there was such a community out there (sorry, was that an outie reference?). All I know is that I'm sorry you are "in" it.
That test tube thing was uncalled for.